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Water-resistant coaster with Spring Touch monogram embroidery

Photos and instructions for making this coaster project have been emailed to us by Carol Van de Wetering. Carol, thank you! This is a very interesting project, utilizing not so obvious techniques.
Below you will find a detailed instruction for making the coaster. Also, we've included a free design of coaster frame, especially for this project. Be sure to read the instructions - Carol explains some useful tricks there. And here is a photo of ready coaster "in use":


Supplies list:

  • Monotone fabric for the front and back sides of coaster
  • A small piece of nylon (plastic bag)
  • A piece of water soluble stabilizer - large enough to hoop it
  • Polyester embroidery thread for the design
  • Spring Touch alphabet (or some other embroidery font)
  • FREE square outline embroidery design.

    Here are a few words from this project author - Carol:

    Our last name is Van de Wetering. Used the V and blue tones for my "blue" kitchen. Your satin stitches are FLAWLESS! This is a lovely design and I will eventually make matching napkins. I used a free coaster outline from Dirt Cheap. And I've used a layer of plastic (nylon) between coaster top & bottom fabric layers, to protect the table if the glass "sweats" on to the coaster.

    Step-By-Step Instruction: Step-By-Step instruction:

    1. Hoop water soluble backing.

    2. Take a piece of smooth nylon and a piece of fabric suitable for coaster top (equal size - slightly larger than coaster should be).

    3. Spray temporary adhesive spray over the nylon, and attach the fabric to it (with the wrong side).

    4. Position the glued fabric & nylon over the hooped water soluble backing, and secure.

    5. Embroider monogram design, following it's thread change list.

    6. Embroider coaster outline (first thread of free frame design).

    7. Cut away edges of top coaster layer (edges of fabric and nylon), close to stitches. The water soluble backing must remain! See photo:

    8. Spay temporary adhesive spray over the back side of hooped WSB. Attach a piece of fabric that would cover the wrong side of your embroidery.

    9. Embroider another coaster outline (thread #2 of free design), to attach the back coaster layer to coaster top.

    10. Cut out the edges of back coaster layer (see photo):

    11. Embroider satin stitch outline, remove the hoop and wash away water soluble backing. Voila, coaster finished!

    And here are some more photos of ready coaster:


  • Click here to download FREE square outline embroidery design.

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