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Ultra-modern Heraldic T-shirts with Metallic Thread Embroideries

We've prepared these projects especially in order to show a couple of really modern items with Heraldic Gold designs. For some reason these designs rarely get associated with modern clothes and stuff. But we've designed them exactly with this in mind. Take a look at the stylish T-shirts with these designs:

The first T-shirt is the easiest to make, although it may not look so. The stylish spots you see on the shirt have been added using regular acrylic paint (we've used Creamzon brand), and "fabric medium". This "fabric medium" should be mixed with the acrylic paint, in proportion according to manufacturer instructions. Then you just paint a T-shirts in the sport you want, dry it using a hair drier, and embroider a design over the paint.

And you may launder the garment afterwards - the "fabric medium" will hold the color permanently. Just be sure to read manufacturer instructions, to know what water temperature is allowed.

The embroidery was done using metallic embroidery thread in silver color. Basically, acrylic color instructions usually say to let color dry for 24 hours. But we've used a drier and it helped to shorten the process to net 30 minutes :o)



The second shirt is more tricky. First the design was embroidered on separate piece of jersey cloth. Then, the embroidery was attached to inside part of the T-shirt, with the front side of embroidery pointing into the T-shirt wrong side. Then the design was sewn to the T-shirt with running stitch, and the T-shirt was cut to make a "window" showing the embroidery. If you ask why the jersey patch is needed at all - it's for decorative purposes, to create a "thrown" look. Basically, you can embroider directly on T-shirt.


The third shirt was the most time consuming, because it required to unstitch the sleeves, and sew them together again after the embroidery was finished. The embroidery was done on two layers of fabric at once - the decorative patches, and T-shirt. Then the patches have been sewn around them with running stitch, and the excess edges have been cut away.




1. To learn dealing with metallic machine embroidery thread, click here....
3. Here is a link to Heraldic Gold designs set, used to make these T-shirts.

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Machine Embroidery Projects with Motif-Type Embroidery Designs!

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