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Heraldic Tableware Set with Golden Embroideries

This beautiful tableware gift set was made to be a Christening gift. It's sewn from royal blue satin fabric, and decorated with golden trim. The embroidered designs are from Heraldic Gold set, and the matching initials are from Gold Capitals font. The set includes a placemat, and a special envelope for storing tablewares. The embroidery was done using metallic embroidery thread.

Here are a couple of photo with finished items. And below we'll show and explain how to make each of the items.


The placemat is sewn from two identical pieces of satin fabric - one for the top and one for the bottom. We've used cutaway backing, and took a really large piece of it (so that after embroidery was finished, the backing was larger than fabric from all sides. Then we cut the backing exactly according to fabric edges, and the rest of backing was just hidden inside the placemat, to give it a better stability.

So the steps are - cut 2 identical rectangle pieces of fabric for the top & bottom sides of placemat, and a large piece of cutaway backing. Embroider a design from Heraldic Gold set, using quality metallic embroidery thread and quality bobbin thread. If you're not experienced with metallic thread - take a look at this tips page. Metallic thread is usually more difficult to work with that regular thread, and it's really worth to learn the "tricks" first.

After embroidery is finished, sew top & bottom sides together, seams inside. Remember to insert a decorative trim between the fabric layers.

As you may see, the envelope features embroideries on both sides - there are two initials on the front cover, and an ornament inside. All the process was done the same way like with the placemat, but we removed the cutaway backing from the inside layer (the one with pocket), almost completely.

To sew the envelope, you'll need two pieces of fabric. The front piece size should be: envelope width x twice envelope height, plus 3/4 inch seam allowance from each side. The inside piece should be envelope width x three times envelope height, plus 3/4 inch seam allowance from each side. The extra height of the inside fabric layer is for the pocket - it will be folded, so eventually the pocket is only 1/2 of envelope height.

Embroider the designs in appropriate parts on both fabric layers, sew the pocket (use metallic thread, just like on the designs), and then sew the front & inside parts of the envelope together, like you did with the runner. Remember to inset the golden trim between fabric layers.






1. To learn dealing with metallic machine embroidery thread, click here....
2. If you're working with satin fabrics - always strive to purchase quality satin, that is cotton-made. The synthetic satins are usually very difficult to deal with. They're too slippery to hoop well, and sew badly. If you try a piece of cheap synthetic satin, and a piece of quality satin, you'll understand what we mean.
3. To shop for cutaway backing used in this project, visit this page.
4. And here are links to Heraldic Gold designs set, Gold Capitals alphabet and Metallic thread.

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