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Evening Bolero West with Irises:

This beautiful evening bolero west was created by Viveka Berg from Sweden. Viveka, thank you so much for the creative idea and project!
Viveka combined two designs from Iris Blossoms to make one large embroidery on each side of the bolero. Take a look at it's photos here:



Required supplies:
  • Iris Blossoms designs (available here...)
  • Laundry-safe machine embroidery thread in appropriate colors (available here).
  • Quality satin fabric for the west, and some lining fabric in matching color. You may want to purchase really good quality fabric, because it's very difficult to work with the cheap-type polyester satin fabrics. They are slippery, don't hold well in hop, and sew terribly. Cotton-type satins are MUCH MUCH better - easy to work with, and more pleasant to wear.
  • Embroidery backing - for this project medium weight cutaway is great.

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