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Detailed online tutorial & pattern for making machine embroidered Christmas Stockings:

These stockings are so easy to make that once you start, you can't stop. They are totally addictive. The pattern we give away with the designs is kind of "universal/unisex", however you may play with it and change it's shape to show your own character and personality.
You don't need fancy fabrics, a very simple one-color woven will do it's job very well. It shouldn't be too heavy. We've chosen it to be dark-blue for this example. You will also need some batting (preferably polyester) to make the stocking "fat" and a small piece of white "furry" material for the top. The piece of batting should be in the same size as the front fabrics.
Print out the pattern. If you would like to change it's shape -
you certainly can. Draw the changes on the same paper. Please
just pay attention not to "cut" too much away from the original
pattern, so that there will be enough place for the design.

Once you have decided on your shape, cut out the paper
pattern wit regular scissors. Cut a very small hole in the
middle of paper pattern (where you see the X sign).

Double - fold your fabric with the front side outside and put
the pattern on it to make sure there's enough fabrics. There
should be about 3-4 spare inches from each side. Now mark the
stocking center with temporary textile pencil (or just with a
piece of soap). Cut away one half of the fabrics.

Stabilize the first half of the fabrics (with center sign)
with medium tear-away, and hoop it. Make sure that the center
mark on the fabrics really is in the middle of the hoop.
Stitch out the design, following a corresponding PDF
thread change list.

Fold both of the fabric pieces together, with the front side
outside, and use a few pins to fix the two sides in place.
Draw an outline of a Christmas stocking on the fabrics you've
prepared using a marker (Make sure that you stick to the same
center. Now it's harder to recognize the center since it's
covered by the embroidered design, so take a look at your
machine - it will show you where the design center is).
Now, cut the fabrics according to the outline you've drawn,
but leaving 1/4 inch over the line for the seam.
Double-fold your batting, pin the layers together, draw an
outline of the same stocking pattern on batting and cut
out the batting following the outline.

Now, fold both of the fabric pieces together with the seam
side outside and fix them with pins.
Adjust the batting from both of the sides, with the drawn
line outside, so that you can see it. Accurately pin them
to the fabrics, one layer from each side.
Now, sew the stocking according to the outline. Make little
cuts on the edges, like the picture shows, and overlock the
edges (if you don't have an serger, use a simple zigzag
stitch to prevent fabric edges from fraying.
. . .

Now, the project is almost finished. Take the piece of furry material you've prepared,and hand-sew it to the top of your ready stocking. The way to do this best will seriously depend on the furry material you're using (mainly it's weight). You may add some extra "sheen" by attaching small decorative bells to the stocking. It's all up to you! Happy Stitching!!!

Please CLICK HERE to download sewing patterns for this stocking (three sizes - small, medium & large).


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