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Choosing the right fabric
Choosing the right fabric is extremely important to embroidery success. Although, it's basically possible to stitch on just about anything you can get a needle through, the fabric type you choose will be one of the most important factors that determine how the final project will look. It may be a success or a disaster, depending on the fabric you choose.

Please keep these tips in mind to help ensure a good outcome on your next project:
Not every design will stitch well on every fabric. For example, a design with a high stitch density might stitch well on a heavy woven fabric, but pucker or tear the fabric (despite stabilizer) on a lightweight one.

Choosing the right stabilizer(s) is just as important as choosing the right fabric. For example, a knit that stretches out of shape during embroidery might receive stitching with ease with an appropriate stabilizer.

Some fabrics are not meant to be embroidered. The best way to determine whether a fabric is embroidery-friendly is to test stitch on it.

Many items that cannot be hooped in a conventional hoop can still be embroidered on using on of the hoopless embroidery methods. In a nutshell hoopless embroidery involves hooping a backing or piece of material and adhering the goods to be embroidered to the hooped backing. The best method to use will depend on what you are embroidering on.

We also noticed many of our customers were asking what kinds of fabrics are preferable for our xs designs. Actually, the choices are not limited at all. We usually prefer using heavy linen and linen-cotton blends, since these types of fabrics don't get stretched too much and are not too delicate for the pretty large and dense cross-stitch designs. Evenweave and canvas can also be used very successfully. If you feel that the canvas is too thick for your hoop, you may apply sticky back to your hoop then take the fabric with the iron on stablaizer on the back and stick it to the stitcky back and embroider.

And of course, there's always a place to experiment with the various fabrics! Happy Stitching!!!

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