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10. Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 with each remaining design, until all of them are embroidered. Cut out small "windows" on paper templates, in places where you must see whether the new designs "meet" correctly with the embroidered ones. And of course, unfold the templates. See project photos, to understand what we mean:

Pinning left side template Pinning left side template - CLOZEUP Hooping fabric to stitch the left design part

Inserting the hoop into machine. You can see that the needle is exactly in the middle of paper template:

After this step, left paper template was removed and left design embroidered. Then identical process was repeated with the right side design and here you can view the final result - one HUGE design, embroidered exactly as planned, on neat table runner:

Here is a page where you may find the designs that have been used in this project, and a huge selection of other Victorian style designs.

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